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Guide to New York Criminal Defense Attorney: Accessing Top NYC Criminal Defense Lawyer


Being accused of a crime is a nightmare.  However, finding and using a top New York criminal defense attorney makes an immense impact on the outcome of a case.  Finding a suitable attorney can seem like a daunting task, but a little research on the topic goes a long way.

Understanding the type of charges that you are facing will help you find the best criminal defense attorney in New York for the job.  Whether accused of healthcare fraud, drunk driving, ...

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Court of Appeals settles an evidentiary question in drunk-driving cases

In driving-while-intoxicated cases, the prosecution must prove that the breathalyzer machine utilized to collect a breath sample from the accused was in good working order, at the time of collection.  The Court of Appeals has now ruled that the prosecution need not produce expert witnesses at trial to prove that the breathalyzer was functioning properly.  The prosecution can now simply admit into evidence documents pertaining to the calibration, inspection, and maintenance of the machine.  This ruling alleviates the prosecution’s burden ...

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Nassau county judge penalizes a defendant for exercising his sacrosanct right to a jury trial

The Sixth Amendment guarantees a defendant the right to a trial by jury.  This right is not only sacrosanct, but is one of the pillars of our entire justice system.  Eastern District Judge Joseph Bianco found that in Raul Izaguirre’s case, that very right had been violated.  Izaguirre was under indictment for murder in the second degree and had refused an eight year prison deal offered by the prosecution.  Just before jury selection, Nassau County Judge Meryl Berkowitz told Izaguirre that ...

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U.S. Supreme Court recognizes that bad legal advice during plea bargaining can have life-altering repercussions

The decision of whether or not to accept a plea deal, prior to trial, is a crucial one in an individual’s life.  It is a decision that may have life-altering consequences.  For example, the plea deal may involve prison time and/or loss of professional licenses which would directly affect an individual’s liberty and livelihood.  A decision of such magnitude should only be made with sound, competent advice from an experienced criminal defense attorney.  And prior to giving any such advice, ...

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