The Rubin Law Firm, PLLC is a boutique Criminal Defense Firm based in Manhattan, New York.  Our practice extends to all types of criminal charges in Federal and New York State Courts.

The Firm’s clients have either been arrested, accused of a crime, or have learned that they are or that they may be the subject of investigation by the government.

The Firm enjoys a reputation for obtaining exceptional results for its clients.  We do this through careful and strategic decision-making, painstaking attention to detail and aggressive advocacy.

At The Rubin Law Firm, PLLC we create strong, personal, lasting relationships with our clients.  Each client is the most important client.

The Firm was founded by Anna Rubin, an accomplished former prosecutor.  Ms. Rubin served in numerous bureaus and divisions of the Kings County District Attorney’s Office.  She began her career in the Domestic Violence Bureau, and then progressed to the Early Case Assessment, Trial and Grand Jury Bureaus.  The latter part of Ms. Rubin’s prosecutorial career was spent in the prestigious Rackets Division, where she directed large-scale, complex economic fraud cases.  Several of Ms. Rubin’s cases have been featured in various media outlets, including The New York Law Journal.   Ms. Rubin has also frequently appeared on local radio shows, television and public events with the District Attorney.

Ms. Rubin utilizes her experience and valuable insights to proactively anticipate the government’s tactics and prevail against them. She is known for her vigorous representation and tireless efforts on behalf of her clients.